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The clock is ticking and there are just days remaining for congress to strike a deal to  avert another  government shutdown. In an effort to provide some assistance to people who rely on paychecks  to survive (aka non-billionaires), I have decided to launch a new column. “Ask Wilbur” will offer tips and advice on how to survive without an income.  The column was inspired by our illustrious Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, who gained much notoriety during the recent shutdown when during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”  he questioned why furloughed federal workers were going to food banks.  Furthermore, he added that he did not understand why federal workers faced a liquidity crisis when they can just take out a loan.

I thought I might ask Mr. Ross for some additional advice for the hundreds of thousands of people who may find themselves once again without any income. However, due to the magnitude of Mr. Ross’ duties overseeing the United States Commerce Department, I assumed he would not be available for an interview. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to come up with some other helpful suggestions for those who are struggling to cover the mortgage, pay for healthcare, and purchase groceries. Here are my top picks for the week:

  •    Start making withdrawals from your trust fund
  •    Create a small start-up company
  •    Consider letting the maid go (hopefully this will only be temporary)
  •    Airbnb your vacation home
  •    Ask your tween to design a new app and market it through Amazon
  •    Pawn your Rolex
  •    Enjoy a happy hour with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to lift your spirits
  •    Learn a new craft such as woodworking and sell your wares on Etsy
  •    Distract yourself by taking a free online course on investment diversification

If all else fails, run for Congress.